Sometimes the best way to learn something is through a book.

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Practical Workbook Agile Scrum Volume 1 Agile Scrum Volume 2 Scrummasters Guide to Sanity



Entrepreneurs Practical Workbook


Over 20 awesome individual Practical Worksheets that sets business ‘theory’ into bite-sized hands-on tasks!

Taking everything down to the smallest steps and building them up again with you in full control every step of the way!

Simple to understand worksheets that take you step by step into the heart of the issue and out again at the other side.


Here are a few key areas in The Practical Workbook.



Information Radiators 

Current Mission Statement 

Future Vision 

Benchmarks and KPI’s 

Rewards Transparencies & Motivation 

Soft Skills & Communication 

Smart Goals, Prioritising and Mini Tasks 

Agile Scrum Your Project 


Entrepreneurs Kick Off 


Hiring People 


Decision Engine 


Processing Issues 

Payment Issues 

To Flow or Outsource 

Planning an Event 

E-Loyalty Cards 

Collect & Categorise Your Assets 

Automated Advertising 


Who Would Benefit?

Practically anyone that is having an real issue going through business theory and would love a logical way to progress.

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The Scrummasters Guide To Sanity

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Do you ever wish there was a simple plain guide to help you with Keywords and procedures in Scrum and Agile? This dip in guide was made to break up the steps you need and the keywords used for newbie Scrum teams and Scrummasters establish themselves in the wonderful world of Scrum. Keep one in the office, give one to new recruits, or just have one your bag! (Sanity not guaranteed).

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Who Would Benefit?

Software developers and project teams that need a solid structure to follow as one.

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(Prices may vary according to Amazon promotions. Redirection to Amazon UK site.

Links are our affiliate links. We support ‘Never For Free Download’ Authors.)